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No class at Starbucks (Olympic & Sawtelle)

I walked into Starbucks and ordered the usual "medium Mild". I have to admit to asking for mild for hot coffee instead of the usual coffee as mild isn't overburned like the regular roast. No frills beyond "mild"

The reply from across the counter was "Grande Mild" to which I said "Yeah, a medium Mild." They can't handle that.

The guy then apologized that they didn't have "grande" cups and was it OK if he gave me a "venti". Large for the price of a medium? Sure. The guy behind me was thrilled at the option.

So I took my large coffee to get cream and sugar (I blame my mother for getting me hooked on "coffee regular" as she brought that to California from Brooklyn. This may be one of the reasons people accuse me of being from New York.

Back to Starbucks. When I opened the lid, it was half full. The guy gave me his estimate of a medium coffee in a large cup. How stingy is that?!? Coffee is cheap. This showed absolutely no class.

I'm going to Coffee Bean tomorrow!

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