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October 15, 2006

Barbara Behind Me (Beverly Glen)

Yet again I was armed an ready with Julio. Did the barrista ask my name? Nope. But she did ask Barbara who was behind me. When they called Barbara a guy with a goatee showed up. Damn... beaten by Barbara!!!

October 22, 2006

Rob Thomas Sighting (Beverly Glen Center)

I was at the condiment bar (I'm not sure what you cal the cream and sugar counter at Starbucks) minding my own business when a guy walks over still talking to the woman he was with.

The were your typical beautiful people espcially in their own minds. The conversation continued across the 10 feet or so between the comfy chair she was sitting in and where he was standing. He asked a question, possibly of her, possibly of me or possibly rhetorically. Of course I answered.
He went back and she whispered "Do you know who that is?" yep, they spotted Rob Thomas. I didn't tell them my real name.

October 24, 2006

The Search Continues (Westwood & Olympic)

The Santa Ana winds started blowing last week so it heated up here. In fact, it heated up enough to break out the iced coffee.

I can't find a Starbucks to ask me my name. Julio is still in reserve. Some day I'll find a Starbucks to terst out Julio.

I hope the winds keep up. At least I know there are 157 more Starbucks near me.

October 27, 2006

Almost Julio (National next to the office)

A barrista finally asked me my name. She didn't believe that my name was Julio (yes, pronouned the Spanish way and not the English way). She had told me that the new Maple Streussel Muffin was bomb and wasn't buying me as Julio. I thought about singing a few bars of Simon & Garfunkle but thought better of it.

In all of the excitement, someone took my wife's latte (my iced coffee had no Julio as it was delivered to me as I paid) and they had to make a new latte with no name on it.


October 29, 2006

Laugh Factory (West Hollywood)

We went to the Laugh Factory last night. One of the comedians, Dov Davidoff, talked about how he order a medium coffee and how the response back is always say grande. While we couldn't get used to his delivery, we certainly respect him for his view on Starbucks' size naming convention.

His reponse: I'm only going to say "grande" to a Mexican pimp asking me how big I like titties!. How true.

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