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Rob Thomas Sighting (Beverly Glen Center)

I was at the condiment bar (I'm not sure what you cal the cream and sugar counter at Starbucks) minding my own business when a guy walks over still talking to the woman he was with.

The were your typical beautiful people espcially in their own minds. The conversation continued across the 10 feet or so between the comfy chair she was sitting in and where he was standing. He asked a question, possibly of her, possibly of me or possibly rhetorically. Of course I answered.
He went back and she whispered "Do you know who that is?" yep, they spotted Rob Thomas. I didn't tell them my real name.

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Luanne Davis:

Hi, I'm trying to remember what the names/previous incarnations of the now named "Vibrato" club used to be... googled the Glen Center and got your site.

Can you be of help?




Vibrato used to be Adriano's. The restaurants there (aside from the deli) all changed a few years ago. The Drago brothers opened Sushi House Unico which is fair at best.

I hope that helps.


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