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January 5, 2007

Eva Klein

While Eva may have fallen a little behind on her writing about her coffee experiences (OK, so she hasn't written yet), the Hangouts wrote a song to her back in the 80s. Then again, I hope they were just planning for the future as she was a kid back then.

January 16, 2007

Red's Coffee Shop, Santa Barbara

My little seaside town is blessed with great weather and beaches, and also a few awesome coffee joints that still wave the banner of the small, independent coffee shop. Red's Coffee is my favorite by far, because it's a hold over from the days when Santa Barbara was more of a hippie destination than a resort town. It's two blocks from the beach, but early in the morning the parking lot is still foggy when you pull in which makes the romantic in me swoon. And, if it's really foggy and the fog horns are still sounding....well, all the better.

Does my double cappuccino taste better at Red's because the hippie-chick behind the counter seems to really enjoy making it? I think so.

January 17, 2007

Tully's Veinte

Tully's is a traitor to all that is good in the world of coffee.

I flew out of Burbank Airport this morning. Talk about convenience. Easy to get in and through security. Then I went for my coffee. Tully's. I thought it might be a nice change.


You got it... Tully's sizes with Tall, Grande and Veinte. No, I didn't misspell Veinte, Tully's took the Starbucks misnomer and changed the spelling.

My Order

I ordered a large coffee.

January 29, 2007

Coffee in Maine?

So - imagine (if you will) a place where (when we moved here 6 years ago) there was a single Starbucks in the entire state and now we are the proud owners of more than 10 (again, in the state)

We are so excited that there is a rumour that a Starbucks may be going in about 7 miles from our house, but I can say during a raging blizzard, even 7 miles can become too far away...this truly causes a coffee snob to become desperate (to the point of suggesting a trip to "the big city of Augusta" so I can get a fix)

We have found the local coffee houses, but it really isn't the same (besides, they just don't understand the vernacular - especially up here in Maine where we are surrounded by redneck potato farmers (not that there is anything wrong with that))

When we went back to California (where we moved from) for a visit, every morning we had breakfast at Starbucks (the kids were a little hopped up, but it did hit the spot).

It is interesting to me that we are so devoted to a place that doesn't serve particularly good coffee...I wonder what the allure is? Is it the entire thing where you need to know the lingo in order to be cool with your order and so only people who spend many mornings in a row there can order "like a local?" (kind of like ordering an "animal-style" burger at In-And-Out)

On the Road... in San Fran

I live in Boston. We're not supposed to be nice. We're especially not expected to be nice pre-caffeine fix. So last week, on a trip to San Francisco, I was a little thrown off when I came across a barista who was not keen on the idea of customer service. West Coasters are supposed to be nice. I know, I was raised as one and Boston has taken some getting used to.

A colleague of mine and I had ordered and were standing at the end of the bar with a small collection of others watching the barista place cup after cup on the bar... silently. Unable to wait any longer, I spoke up once I saw a cup that looked like it might have the right boxes checked along the side and asked, "Is this a grande nonfat latte?" I was met with a very annoyed "Yes, I've been calling out the orders. If you had listened you would have known that." I grabbed the cup and joined the crowd shooting him a "yeah right buddy" look.

It briefly crossed my mind that he may be a transplant from Boston. Although in fairness to the Bostonians who may be reading this, I've never come across that kind of attitude here.

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