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Coffee in Maine?

So - imagine (if you will) a place where (when we moved here 6 years ago) there was a single Starbucks in the entire state and now we are the proud owners of more than 10 (again, in the state)

We are so excited that there is a rumour that a Starbucks may be going in about 7 miles from our house, but I can say during a raging blizzard, even 7 miles can become too far away...this truly causes a coffee snob to become desperate (to the point of suggesting a trip to "the big city of Augusta" so I can get a fix)

We have found the local coffee houses, but it really isn't the same (besides, they just don't understand the vernacular - especially up here in Maine where we are surrounded by redneck potato farmers (not that there is anything wrong with that))

When we went back to California (where we moved from) for a visit, every morning we had breakfast at Starbucks (the kids were a little hopped up, but it did hit the spot).

It is interesting to me that we are so devoted to a place that doesn't serve particularly good coffee...I wonder what the allure is? Is it the entire thing where you need to know the lingo in order to be cool with your order and so only people who spend many mornings in a row there can order "like a local?" (kind of like ordering an "animal-style" burger at In-And-Out)

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