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On the Road... in San Fran

I live in Boston. We're not supposed to be nice. We're especially not expected to be nice pre-caffeine fix. So last week, on a trip to San Francisco, I was a little thrown off when I came across a barista who was not keen on the idea of customer service. West Coasters are supposed to be nice. I know, I was raised as one and Boston has taken some getting used to.

A colleague of mine and I had ordered and were standing at the end of the bar with a small collection of others watching the barista place cup after cup on the bar... silently. Unable to wait any longer, I spoke up once I saw a cup that looked like it might have the right boxes checked along the side and asked, "Is this a grande nonfat latte?" I was met with a very annoyed "Yes, I've been calling out the orders. If you had listened you would have known that." I grabbed the cup and joined the crowd shooting him a "yeah right buddy" look.

It briefly crossed my mind that he may be a transplant from Boston. Although in fairness to the Bostonians who may be reading this, I've never come across that kind of attitude here.

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