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What a rip-off!

I know better. I know better than to order an espresso in most restaurants. I certainly know better than to order an espresso when I haven't checked out the coffee station. There are little tell-tale signs that indicate the quality of drinks served. Signs like the cleanliness of the steam wand on the espresso machine. I am certain that in THIS establishment the steam wand is caked with dried, burned milk.

This particular drink was really, really bad. Really bad. The liquid was the color of faded cardboard. I complain to my friends. They laugh. They know better than to let me order an espresso in a restaurant. One of my friends launches into a story that finally explains to me precisely 'why' I should not order espresso in most restaurants.

"When I was a waitress I never understood why people would order espresso. I'd go to the back and fill that little cup and handle 'thingy' with the ground coffee and hit the button and out would come this little bitty dribble of a drink. I'd look at the tiny cup, less than half full, and think, You're paying two bucks for that pissy amount?! What a rip-off! So, I'd hit the button again and, at least, the cup would be almost filled up."

Yes, indeed, what a rip-off!

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