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September 27, 2006

Coincidence at Coffee Bean (Santa Monica & Sepulveda)

I went to Coffee Bean today as promised. I prefer Coffee Bean's hot coffee. Unfortunately, Coffee Bean doesn't put coffee in the refrigerator to make iced coffee and insists on making Iced Americano which isn't the same.

As I was standing in line I looked around at all of the folks there. Ran through all of their stories in my head (we should start writing those). Noticed a woman at the condiments stand (can I call cream and sweetener "condiments"?) who was commiting the usual faux pas of wearing a shirt that was cut too high. Enough said on that.

The odd part was that when I parked in my building, she was getting out of her car in the space next to me. The building is more than a mile away. What's the chance of that?

October 22, 2006

Rob Thomas Sighting (Beverly Glen Center)

I was at the condiment bar (I'm not sure what you cal the cream and sugar counter at Starbucks) minding my own business when a guy walks over still talking to the woman he was with.

The were your typical beautiful people espcially in their own minds. The conversation continued across the 10 feet or so between the comfy chair she was sitting in and where he was standing. He asked a question, possibly of her, possibly of me or possibly rhetorically. Of course I answered.
He went back and she whispered "Do you know who that is?" yep, they spotted Rob Thomas. I didn't tell them my real name.

February 1, 2007

Four pumps or five?

During the past decade, my attitude toward individuals ordering flavored coffee has mellowed. I no longer roll my eyes at the site of syrup bottles lined up behind the espresso bar. I've grown to accept that my order (double espresso) represents a minority preference among those waiting in line. And, when I'm ordering on behalf of others, I've ceased grimmacing at the special requests or fru-fru names. I simply order and move on to observe the barista in action.

Today was an exception. My silent disdain for the candy-ization of coffee got a little volume.

What got me started was a question that I'm sure the woman asking it considered appropriate. How many pumps did I want in that vanilla latte? Seriously? How many pumps?

I delivered my friend's drink. She complained. It was a little too sweet. Really? Maybe I shouldn't have included instructions that with each press on the pump the barista should do the hokey pokey and turn herself about...

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